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Tea Facts

It is Simple I Love a Good Cup of Tea so I sell Organic Loose Leaf Tea sourced from around the world and certified organic by Pro-Cert Organic Systems.

CEYLON refers to the geographical region in which the tea plant Camellia sinesis is grown, not a specific type of tea.

flavouring used in the blends is all natural, vegan, gluten free, sugar free and certified organic

     I blend super healthy Saskatoon Berries into some of my teas they are grown by "PRAIRIE BERRIES" in Keeler, SK and I greatly admire this entrepreneurial couple Ken & Sandra Purdy who were featured on Dragon's Den.

                   tea bag samples included are handmade by me.

     As a small Canadian specialtea company I value each of you as a tea consumer and my mission is to provide you with the quality tea and personal service you deserve.  So as my tea cupboard grows I will work to ensure that the selection is consistent.  I know it is disappointing when the company you order from discontinues your favourite tea so I will try my best to ensure that they remain available for you to enjoy.

                         I want to keep you a Happy Tea Drinker.